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The Regulation of Stablecoins – Solicitors Journal 20.11.23

In this article, Jeremy Barnett considers the new proposed regulation or crypto assets, looking in detail at the FCA and Bank of England discussion documents. He concludes that the proposed regulation is necessary as he has a healthy skepticism about stablecoins in general and feels strongly that there must be a new mandatory accounting standard […]

JudicialTech supporting Justice: The impact of AI on the judiciary, courts and justice

Jeremy Barnett1, Fredric Lederer2, Philip Treleaven1, Nicholas Vermeys3, John Zeleznikow4 1University College London, 2William & Mary Law School, 3University de Montreal, 4La Trobe University This is a summary of a full paper available on SSRN by clicking here. The rapid adoption of new forms of AI and emerging technologies in courts is transforming criminal and […]

Using blockchain and IOT as an underlying data protocol to automate the Real Estate Sector: PIM

It has long been thought that digital technologies could be harnessed to break the cycle of litigation that is endemic in the construction industry. In 2006, the paper E-legal services, Dew and Barnett set out an architecture that could be used to automate an AI enabled mediation process which envisaged a high level service based […]

What Exactly is Web 3? DigitalBytes November 2022

  What exactly is Web 3.0? – open protocols developed the internet and undoubtedly its evolution has been remarkable. Web 1.0 paved the way for many of the internet’s essential assets and platforms, the second generation of the web, branded Web 2.0, witnessed the growth of centralised systems allowed by closed protocols and the decentralised […]

DAOs in the financial services sector: By Jonny Fry

DigitalBytes November 2022 The term ‘decentralised autonomous organisation’ (DAO) refers to a new type of legal structure in which no single leader or board of directors is responsible for making decisions. DAOs are popularised by crypto enthusiasts for their bottom-up style of operation which arguably offers greater transparency as procedures and rules are codified using […]

Jeremy Barnett to join panel on Crypto as new Asset Class for CMS event in Luxembourg

Jeremy Barnett has accepted an invitation to join a panel discussion by CMS Luxembourg at their event on November 10 2022 entitled ‘Will blockchain finally disrupt the full funds value chain in 2023?’ To register to attend the workshop by Teams, please follow the link on below Will blockchain finally disrupt the full funds value […]

New Text Book: Artificial Intelligence Law & Regulation. edited by Charles Kerrigan

Charles Kerrigan from CMS has recently published one of the first Legal Text books on Artificial Intelligence. The book has been written by a distinguished team and covers Legal issues, various industiral sectors, Human AI and Technical/Consulting. The chapter on Automation and fairness is written by the UCL team of Emre Kazim, Adriano Koshyiama, Jeremy […]

CRE Exchange: 4 ways Web3 will impact Commercial Real Estate

As the real estate world settles into Web2, Web3 is crashing down like an avalanche. Here are 4 ways Web3 will change commercial real estate. First (and for us rookies), what is Web3? Intro to Web3 Web3 is the next evolution of the internet. Centralized applications and software-driven operations dominated Web2. Internet companies such as Facebook, […]

Nuveen Global Insight. ‘European alternatives: Will single-family housing eclipse multi-family in the European rental market?’

Digital Assets in the SFR Real Estate Market

Introduction RPL is a consultancy that specialises in the use of DLT in the Real Estate Sector. We manage a research consortium at the Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction which is called ‘Digital Disruption at UCL’ that has conducted workshops and research into the use of data to automate improvements to ESG characteristics and safety […]