Resilience Partners

Mission statement

Changing business where blockchain meets other emerging technologies

Who We Are

Resilience Partners is a professional team of specialists. We build on our rapidly growing talent network to share the latest research results with the public in an easily accessible way more >

What We Do

We have an unrivalled understanding of DLT and blockchain and the way in which these emerging technologies can interface with AI, IoT and Building Information Modelling. We aim to disrupt existing business models in a number of global industries more >

Our Expertise

Blockchain Technologies Consulting

We advise on the use of blockchain technologies in conjunction with other emerging IT in the Built Environment and Energy Sectors more >

Algorithmic Dispute Resolution

We have developed a unique Algorithmic Dispute Resolution platform that will have a global reach in Construction and Financial Services more >

Tokenising the Construction Sector

Resilience are developing expertise in 'Token Economics for the Construction Sector'. Key to encouraging adoption of the emerging technologies is the development of a methodology to benchmark the efficiency gains and savings that will arise in both the collaborative design of buildings and use of the DRM ( Dispute Resolution Module) if disputes arise.

Resilience have also devised the ArkiToken project with the CBC. This is an ambitious open source project environment. where developers and owners of major projects can introduce a token economy throughout the undertaking. This will consist of a series of enablers aimed at capturing 100% of the critical information for a project in a digital blockchain passport.

Post Grenfell Tower Design of Safe Buidlings

Following the recommendations of Hackitt report, it is clear that a whole new regulatory environment that encourages transparency and accountability is required. Compliance with new regulators will become essential for all parties in the design and build supply chain. Resilience are leading the way in the design of blockchain and other advanced systems to ensure safety and compliance for all. more >