Monthly Archives: October 2022

New Text Book: Artificial Intelligence Law & Regulation. edited by Charles Kerrigan

Charles Kerrigan from CMS has recently published one of the first Legal Text books on Artificial Intelligence. The book has been written by a distinguished team and covers Legal issues, various industiral sectors, Human AI and Technical/Consulting. The chapter on Automation and fairness is written by the UCL team of Emre Kazim, Adriano Koshyiama, Jeremy […]

CRE Exchange: 4 ways Web3 will impact Commercial Real Estate

As the real estate world settles into Web2, Web3 is crashing down like an avalanche. Here are 4 ways Web3 will change commercial real estate. First (and for us rookies), what is Web3? Intro to Web3 Web3 is the next evolution of the internet. Centralized applications and software-driven operations dominated Web2. Internet companies such as Facebook, […]

Nuveen Global Insight. ‘European alternatives: Will single-family housing eclipse multi-family in the European rental market?’

Digital Assets in the SFR Real Estate Market

Introduction RPL is a consultancy that specialises in the use of DLT in the Real Estate Sector. We manage a research consortium at the Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction which is called ‘Digital Disruption at UCL’ that has conducted workshops and research into the use of data to automate improvements to ESG characteristics and safety […]