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ArkitToken soft launch

At the recent CBC meetup Tokenisation in Construction. we announced the CBC plan for a Community Interest Company project to be called ArkiToken. This will be an open source method of collecting critical information from a major construction project for later use. We see the data set being of value to developers, managers of buildings, […]

The House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence

Jeremy Barnett was invited to give evidence to the House Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence on Tuesday 17th October. The session was broadcast live on House of Lords TV and is available to watch here:┬áHouse of Lords TV 17.10.17 The questions included the following: What, in your opinions, are the biggest opportunities and risks […]

The Regulation of Algorithms

Legal Futures Today published a paper by Jeremy Barnett, Adriano Soares Koshiyama and Philip Treleaven. In Law, companies have the rights and obligations of a person. Algorithms are rapidly emerging as artificial persons. Intelligent algorithms will require formal training, testing, verification, certification, regulation, insurance, and status in law. Governments and research councils are publishing […]

International Regulation of ICOs

The Regulation of cryptocurrencies and in particular ICOs [Initial Coin Offering] where cryptotokens are issued to investors has become a matter of international concern. In recent weeks, due to a large number of successful funding rounds for a variety of companies and buy-in from some of the largest tech companies & financial institutions in the […]

Jeremy Barnett to speak at LSE Systemic Risk Centre

Jeremy Barnett is to conduct a seminar at LSE on the Law of Algorithms and the use of Algorithims to resolve disputes in Automated Trading and major Construction Contracts. The event is at the Systemic Risk Centre at LSE on 9th October 2017. Together with Professors Treleaven and Penn, he has launched the Construction Blockchain […]