‘DigitalDisruption@BREI’ is a jont venture between RPL and the Bartlett Real Estate Insitute at UCL to promote Data Driven Real Estate.

The consortium officially launched in May 2020 with a series of Summer Digital Roundtables and Workshops, supported by our founder sponsors, Greystar, Nuveen and Arup. The series consists of

  • Roundtable: the Future of Cities post Covid 19  Thursday June 4th
  • Workshop: Data in Construction and Fire Safety, Thursday June 25th
  • Workshop: IoT data for Smart Cities/sustainability and the Data MarketPlace.

DigitalDisruption@BREI, is a unique consortium of Academics, Real Estate Asset Managers, Developers, Managers, Funding Institutions, Lawyers and other Professionals and Representative Trade bodies, which will drive adoption of both inventive and innovative ‘deep tech’ in the Global Real Estate market.

The focus of the consortium is the development and deployment of research that relates to the current and future world of Real Estate. Prop Tech, Real Estate FinTech and PropRegTech. These are fast moving sectors which are having a radical impact on what has been a slow moving, traditional and conservative industry.

The consortium will design protocols for ‘structured data’, ‘tokenisation’ and ‘DataNet; as an infrastructure level using blockchain and DLT technologies which will support data analytics by AI Machine Learning and due diligence through ‘KYA’  [Know Your Asset].

The main thrust of the initial work that the consortium is investigating is the use of data to improve the design, build and operation of High Rise Residential Buildings [HRRB] following the Hackitt Report on building safety, which we are calling SafetyTech’.

Participation in the consortium will assist members to:Increase the value and performance of Real Estate assets by the use of data analytics in conjunction with ‘deep tech’.Create a global ecosystem to support digitisation in the Real Estate Sector to increase the speed and profitability of transactions.

  • Encourage collaboration in the design, construction and operation of Real Estate Assets which will drive enhanced safety, encourage dispute avoidance and dispute resolution and enable regulatory compliance.
  • Support the development of Smart Buildings and Cities to improve Sustainability and drive the adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Build an automated eServices marketplace providing clients with secure data exchange, esecutable legal contracts, automated payments and other professional services.

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